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- Coarse Aggregate (including Coarse Aggregate Specific Gravity and Absorption) - Fine Aggregate (including Fine Aggregate Specific Gravity and Absorption, Uncompacted Void Content using ASTM C1252 Method A). 4. Contact information for personnel responsible for signing mix designs from the laboratory on file with MDOT.


Aug 06, 2020· 4.3.1 The Materials and Tests Unit's Aggregate QC/QA Engineer shall be notified, by the project and Aggregate Producer, that a sample needs to be obtained from the aggregate source prior to use. The initial sampling for each wall will be performed by the Materials and Tests Unit at the quarry (Appendix A, Example 1).

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Procedures for Aggregate Approval and Quality Monitoring (SOP 2-1) Purpose: The purpose of this document is to establish a formal process for evaluating, testing, and approving aggregate sources and their products for use in general Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) c onstruction and bituminous or concrete surface mixtures.

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Procedures The concrete aggregate procedures which were observed and discussed during the inspection were as follows: Minus No. 200 Wet Sieving, Organic Impurities Test, Sieve Analysis of Aggregates, Specific Gravity and Absorption of Fine and Coarse Aggregate, Moisture Content by Drying, and Reducing Field Samples to Testing Size.


Procedures The concrete aggregate procedures which were observed and discussed during the inspection were as follows: Minus No. 200 Wet Sieving, Organic Impurities Test, Sieve Analysis of Aggregates, Specific Gravity and Absorption of Fine and Coarse Aggregate, Moisture Content by Drying, and Reducing Field Samples to Testing Size.

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Oct 11, 2018· 1006.4.3 Procedure 1006.4.3.1 Sieve Analysis. Aggregate shall be tested in accordance with AASHTO T 27. 1006.4.3.2 Specific Gravity and Absorption. Aggregate shall be tested according to AASHTO T 85 for Bulk Specific Gravity. 1006.4.3.3 Los Angeles Abrasion. Aggregate shall be tested in accordance with AASHTO T96. 1006.4.3.4 Deleterious Content

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Indiana Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) INDOT Safety and Health Manual. Manual of Instructions for Structural Steel Shop Inspection, July 2007. Steel Inspection Forms for Inspectors. Steel Inspection Weekly Report (Fill-in) Precast and Prestressed Concrete Beam Inspection Manual. INDOT Standards & Specifications.

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23) An offeror's experience as an evaluation factor consists primarily of: Their history of completing similar contracts and quality of their performance. 24) Your base commander wants 25 employees in the personnel department to attend a 1-day time-management seminar. The cost per employee will be $75 each.


Micro-Surfacing Construction Inspection Guidelines May 2003 Page 1 of 9 Introduction Micro-surfacing is a mixture of a quick setting polymer modified asphalt emulsion, aggregate, ... Friction Aggregate Control and Test Procedures, Appendix C. The Contractor is responsible for transmitting the test


in aggregate by washing. Procedure A shall be used unless otherwise specified. When accurate determinations of material finer than the No. 200 in fine or coarse aggregate are desired, this test method is used on the aggregate sample prior to dry sieving according to ND T 27. The results of this procedure are included in

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Aggregate Subbases (Standard Specifications Section 25) Table 6-1.7. Materials Acceptance Sampling and Testing Requirements: ... between sample and test procedure. Samples for acceptance must be taken in accordance with California Test 125, "Methods of Test for Sampling Highway Materials and Products Used in the Roadway


inspection and acceptance of the product for a specific project or purchase order.) Any questions concerning the contents or use of this publication should be directed to the Materials Division where the master "Manual of Field Sampling and Testing Procedures"

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Project Procedures Guide May 15, 2020 i PREFACE This Project Procedures Guide is intended for use as a resource in determining reasonable sampling frequencies and inspection procedures for materials used in highway construction. The sampling and testing schedules established herein should not

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OMT Plant Inspection Checklist Revised February 2012 Page 2 6. Are all pipe links and fittings steamed, oil jacketed, or otherwise properly insulated to prevent heat loss? _____ 7. Is storage tank capacity such as to ensure continuous operation of the plant and uniform temperature of the asphalt cement when it is mixed with the aggregate?

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Manual of Aggregate Quality Test Procedures April 16, 2019 ILLINOIS TEST PROCEDURE 21 ORGANIC IMPURITIES IN FINE AGGREGATES FOR CONCRETE (COLOR) Effective Date: January 1, 2018 HARD COPIES UNCONTROLLED Page 3 of 82 7. TEST SAMPLE 7.1 Reduce field sample by use of a sample splitter or by quartering according to ITP 248, ...

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Oct 07, 2016· Policy Memorandum 14-08.2 Inspection of Large Sized Aggregate and Rip Rap used for Erosion Protection, Sediment Control, Rockfill, and Aggregate Subgrade Improvement.pdf Policy Memorandum 15-08.1 Radiation Safety Requirements and Accident Procedures.pdf

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The approximate cost of the launchers is $300,000. Simplified acquisition procedures cannot be used because the dollar value is above the simplified acquisition threshold of $250,000 (is wrong answer) You want to include non-price factors in your evaluation criteria.

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Preventive Maintenance Procedures 71 ANYTOWN MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Refueler Monthly Inspection DATE: _____ â Satisfactory INSPECTOR: _____ X Unsatisfactory Item â Remarks Action Taken or Work Order # Condition of placards on tank, piping, hoses Check and clean nozzle screens Perform membrane filter test (Jet-A only) Test for anti-icing additive ...

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Successful completion of all Aggregate Inspection Level One learning outcomes including Endorsements A, B, and C, OR current Certification for Aggregate Inspection in Michigan. Demonstrate MTM 110 test procedures and complete calculations to determine the amount of deleterious material or objectionable material in 6A and 17A.

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Oct 10, 2018· A sample record of aggregate inspection shall be created in SiteManager (SM). 1007.4 Laboratory Testing for Sec 1007 1007.4.1 Types of Samples Tested 1007.4.1.1 Initial Approval Sample. Tests consist of specific gravity, absorption and Los Angeles abrasion. The minimum time required for completion of tests is four working days from the date ...

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State Partnership for Inspection of Precast/Ready Mix/Aggregate Producers (SOP 1-7) Purpose - The purpose of this document is to establish a producer partnership for the inspection of precast, ready mix, and aggregate producers. ... Procedure - The following procedures should be used as basic guidance for inspection services

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They can be used for various purposes, such as a major component of concrete and asphalt roads, which makes aggregate and sand testing important. We maintain long lasting relationships with clients due to our specialisation in the provision of NDT, rope access, crane inspection and more services. With XPERT's professional testing team ...


MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR TESTING AGGREGATE AND CONCRETE MATERIALS TXDOT DESIGNATION: TEX-498-E MATERIALS AND TESTS DIVISION 3 – 17 EFFECTIVE DATE: JANUARY 2021 Table 4—Tex-404-A, "Determining Unit Mass (Weight) of Aggregates" Equipment Requirements Procedure Interval (Months) Scoops, one medium and one small, with square …

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This memorandum establishes an inspection procedure for Large Sized Aggregate used for Erosion Protection, Sediment Control, Rockfill, and Aggregate Subgrade Improvement. 2.0 STANDARD SPECIFICATION REFERENCE Referenced Articles • 1005.01 3.0 STOCKPILING Stockpiling and handling procedures of material for Department use shall be

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A knowledgeable Authorized Aggregate Tester will have the ability to perform basic field and laboratory procedures for aggregates, accurately documenting and reporting the results. The Authorized Aggregate Tester will be allowed to perform the following tests for record on LADOTD projects under the supervision of the certified inspector.

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wet aggregate usage during an operation. Refer to the Weights aggregate only check-run, and Measures Handbook for change the input aggregate more data on delivery tickets. moisture by a nominal amount 2. Dynamic testing of continuous (say 3 %) and note the appropriate change to the mixing type plant proportioning indicated aggregate delivery rate.


Aggregate ODOT Form Number Description 734-1792 Field Worksheet for Aggregate 734-1793 B Nuclear Compaction Report For Base Aggregate 734-1825 Unit Weight and Specific Gravity W/S 734-1825 C Bulk Density "Unit Weight" Measure Calibration 734-3468 B Maximum Density of Aggregate Base Material Asphalt Concrete Pavement (ACP)

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Jul 28, 2020· Verify that fine aggregate moisture meters appear to be in good working order and functioning. Non-functioning meters require aggregate sampling and moisture "burn-back" testing by the supplier. 4.2 During Batching. Note: Any deviations to any of the the following subsections of Section 4.2 shall be immediately reported to the weighmaster.

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testing, and inspection are primary responsibilities of the Department. The Quality Assurance Program is a management method intended to evaluate the quality of materials and construction procedures through an unbiased and independent inspection of the system of quality control and acceptance sampling and testing. The Department

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Aggregate Laboratory Inspections Checklist It is advised that a careful review of the following be undertaken by the laboratory personnel who will be taking an active role in the inspection. ... The demonstrations of these procedures should be made in accordance with the requirements of

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Materials Procedure 84-2 (Quality Assurance Inspection Procedure for Disc Design and Pot Design Structural Bridge Bearings) 07/1984: Materials Procedure 90-1 (Procedure for Sampling Microsilica Admixture) 7/2003: Materials Procedure 95-03 (Instructions for taking Petrographic Samples of Fine and Coarse Aggregate from IAST Program) 04/1995